About Us

Founded in 2005, Reval Analytical Services is an experienced, ISO Certified, fast growing financial services technology company. The Company’s unique combination of investment research experience, modeling expertise and software development capabilities enables us to provide industry-leading financial analysis tools and services for investors, analysts and publicly traded issuers. Reval’s strong commitment to both, quality and service, has resulted in our products being used by many of the world’s leading and most recognized companies.

Core Values


Reval’s expertise lies in the combination of leading edge, innovative software development and proprietary data collection and financial modeling. It is this unique domain knowledge that differentiates us and provides our competitive advantage.
Reval’s financial data and modeling professionals typically are highly trained post college graduates with either an advanced degree in finance or CFA equivalent. Reval’s software team is a combination of knowledgeable business analysts, web developers, testers and database programmers fluent with the latest software technologies.

  • Financial and Modeling Expertise

    • Automated 3 Statement Parsing
    • As reported, last reported comparisons
    • Sector specific templating
    • Operational Data from Company Filings
    • Relative Evaluation, Competitive Analysis
    • Consensus Estimate Analysis
    • Model Auditing
    • Fundamental Financial Modeling
    • Client Service Support
  • Cloud, SaaS Project Development

    • Language: NodeJS, AngularJS
    • Data tools: MySQL, MongoDB
    • Cloud: AWS
    • Caching: Memcached, Redis
    • Analytics: NLP, Python - numpy
    • Testing: Selenium
    • DWH: BigTable, AWSRS, Azure